作品名 appearance


撮影方法 完全遮光の暗室の中ペンライトで被写体をなぞるようにして5分間露光し撮影しています。 その際に被写体側からは撮影者は見えません、撮影者も、どのようなイメージが湧き上が ってくるか予想することは困難です。 長時間露光でありますが、なぞった部分が多重露光的にフィルムに蓄積されていくためポ ートレートとして被写体からは形は離れていきます。

I questioned the superiority of the photographer’s choice in the relationship between the photographer and the subject, the one who sees and the one who is seen, and shot this work.

The subject was traced with a penlight in a dark room with complete light shielding, and exposed for five minutes. The photographer is invisible to the subject, and it is difficult for the photographer to predict what kind of image will emerge. Although it is a long exposure, the traced areas are accumulated on the film like multiple exposures, so that the shape of the portrait is separated from the subject, but the image has accumulated the personality of the person.